OK, I admit it. I hated on Gabbi’s before I even stepped into the place.

“Come on, do we really need another burger place?”
“That sign looks inviting 8|”
“Burgers and Dogs next to Taco Deli? Seriously?”

In fact, I would have never stumbled into this place if I wouldn’t have stumbled across the Yelp! reviews when looking for a lunch spot.

OK, Gabbi’s…I’m going to give you a shot.

I’m sure glad I did. The burger at Gabbi’s is definitely no joke.

I got a blue cheese burger and it was dominant! Great taste, great toppings, didn’t cut any corners with bun or fries either. I would say that perhaps there
was a little bit too much blue cheese and bacon, but flavor was definitely in your face.

Christy got the Jalapeno burger, and was also impressed. Again, perhaps a little too generous with the toppings, but overall burgers were fantastic. Better than Mighty Fine. Better than Waterloo. Better than your expectations.

Gabbi’s, please accept my apologies. I should have known better than to judge a restuarant by its cover. Now I got to go back and try that Chicago Style Hot Dog (just got to make sure the fiance is not around).

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