A long while back (I’m a little behind on blogging for my personal site, if you haven’t noticed) me and Christy went to Contigo with good ol’ friends John and Bri.

We heard a lot of good things about the place, so were excited to try it.

We tried a sampling of items from the burgers, sliders, white bean dip, charcuterie, sausage, cocktails, beer and dessert (of course!).

Everything is artisan-made; simple, fresh, homemade, delicious. The place is no frills, like the community-seating benches. Chill like some hanging string lights over a cool night sky. And as dominant as our awesome waitress who had some great recommendations. The place is kind of like Black-Star Coop meets 24 diner. Cash Money!

Check it out next time you’re in the mood for some laid back cuisine. I know we’ll be back.

The pics…

Pimm's Cup (some random guy thought it was called 'Pimp Cup')

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