Christy’s mom made a stop by our place today since she was in the area for work.

We took advantage of her dining stipend for the day by going to one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants, La Condesa.

This restaurant is very cool, modern, and hip (just my style) with probably one of the best cocktail menus in town. Fresh juices, infused liquors, and creative combinations make getting a drink here a must.


Since we had to wait a bit for a table going at Prime dinner time, we did just that and ordered a round of cocktails and chatted up a bit. Everytime I’m around Christy’s mom, I can’t help but laugh at how alike they are in their mannerisms and story-telling. It’s pretty fun to see.

We started off with some Ceviche that was very tasty and featured ocean trout and an amarillo-mango sorbet…

We then got seated and instead of giving a play by play of all we’ll ordered I’ll just leave you with another snap of a dish they do really well.  Mexican street-style Corn (Elote)

This place puts out a Groupon every now and then, so next time be sure to secure it and go. It’s the real deal and I think you’ll enjoy it.

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