Pork Shoulders, Pork Ribs, Beef BrisketCook at 225 degrees
Fat and collagens begin to melt 180 degrees F
Check for doneness 190 degrees F exterior should be dark brown or black.
Muscle fibers start toughening 200 degrees F remove from smoker before this happens
Take it off already 205 degrees F if its not tender now, its not really going to be.  Bad luck of the draw on the meat
Prime RibCook at 225 degrees
Rare doneness 120 degrees F Take off and let temp rise as it rests covered for 30 minutes

The Crutch:
When the meat hits 180 F (170 F for pork shoulder) take it off and wrap in a double layer of heavy duty foil. Pour in some sauce and other seasonings. Let them finish cooking with the extra moisture in the foil. Take them out of the foil and set them back on the pit for 30 minutes to an hour to dry back and develop the crispiness to the crust.

Temp guidelines with Weber Smokey Mountain (at 225 F)
2 hours per pound for pork shoulder
1.5 hours per pound for full packer of brisket (point and flat)
1 hour per pound for flat only (brisket)
3-4 hours for slab of baby back ribs

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