Happy Labor Day weekend! Don’t you just love 3-day weekends?

For me they’re always a chance to get organized on the things I’ve been putting off and they also provide a chance for me to engage myself in a new project as well. I’ve been catching up on my media the past few days and have been getting more ideas for recipes, DIY’s, photos, and design work there – including an ice cream recipe I’m excited to try tonight!
I also have been catching up on edits for photos so I can make the necessary site updates to my Flickr and Portfolio page.

This month for me, was the month of the social. It kicked off with a cocktail showdown with Tolly Moseley and I, which was so much fun – Viva Caliente! I also went to several events around town, A Food & Wine Meetup event, BASHH (Big Ass Social Happy Hour), Austin College Alumni night (where I went for undergrad and which is curiously enough not located in Austin, but  actually Sherman, TX), and an Austin Monthly Bombay Sapphire Event (which started out frustrating but ended up a lot of fun).

There was also a Night Drive Art opening for Callie Thompson and an Etsy Craft Party with MAKEatx that I attended. The laser-cutters at MAKEatx were so interesting and amazing I made a full tour post on it for Apartment Therapy (link below, Tuesday Tourismo later).

In the spirit of organizing, the wife and I made a home maintenance calendar (which turned into a blog post) so that we can plan and keep track of all the house needs – which sometimes feels like they never end. We’ve also been trying to meal plan earlier so that we can get more of our groceries at the local farmer’s markets. Gathering Wunder-pilz Kombucha, organic produce, and swinging by Easy Tiger for fresh bread. It feels old-world European, but it also just feels so right.

We also acquired a ceramic drip cone to make weekend pour-overs at the house – totally inspired by Cenote (a place I totally love). It’s been a process learning the right ratio of coffee beans and water, but Christy is determined to perfect it. I think a coffee post will be in order once she does get it down to her exacting standards.

Well, enough rambling from me. What about you? Are you up to anything fun and exciting this weekend?

If you’re sitting back enjoying a relaxing afternoon or evening. Here’s links to some posts I had the most fun making for Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn in the past month. Check them out…

Apartment Therapy 

How to Stream Photos from Your Camera to Your iPad (lots of folks ask me about this in person, so it warranted a post)

Home Owner’s Manual: Annual Home Maintenance Calendar (I wish we had a manual for our worse, I wish even more we had magical elves that maintained it in the night)

Memory Lane: Living Rooms (and Video Games) by the Decade (I was feeling nostalgic, and thought it was curious how I vividly remember not just the video games I played as a kid, but also the living rooms I played them in)

Heather & Katherine’s Meant-to-Be Remodel: House Tour

Kimber’s Modern Home Elegance: House Tour

6 Devices That Can Help You Trim Your Monthly Bills (I totally use just about all these)

Sony DH830 7.1 3D Surround Receiver: Tech Test Lab Review

Play with Lasers: MAKEatx (Design Studio Tour)


The Kitchn

A Visit to Easy Tiger in Austin: Handmade Heritage Breads & Sausage (A Maker Tour)  (totally looking forward to doing more of these)

The Best Ways to Store & Reheat Bread: Advice from a Baker

Chris Upgrades his Kitchen Cabinets with IKEA Drawer Pull-Outs (btw, I didn’t name that article. I don’t third-person like I’m Hollywood)

Injera: Ethiopia’s Traditional Bread in Pictures and Words (I’m still craving going out to an African food spot here in town – such as Aster’s Ethiopian or Cazamance)

Recipe: Green Pina Colada Smoothie (So glad Alex shared this great healthy smoothie recipe with us)

How To Make a Chalkboard Meal Plan Menu (this is one DIY that we love using everyone week, I’m super excited about what’s going on it this weekend!)


Happy Labor Day!


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