I’m in Orlando this week for a work conference (the engineering kind not the photography kind). I’m having a great time so far, having kicked off my first night with an evening at Cask & Larder per the recommendation of Marilyn from Forkful  – I still have some of the spice from the Pork Tamale on my tongue. Good local food is addicting so yesterday I ventured down to The Ravenous Pig, the sister restaurant that started it all for Cask & Larder. Grab a seat at the bar and come hang with bar manager / mixologist Jaime Niemann and I for today’s very special Friday Afternoon Cocktail.

Once I saw Jaime picking verbena leaves to develop a new house-made bitters recipe, I knew the Madura stout I ordered (which was malty and delicious) wouldn’t do. So I ordered up a cocktail from Jaime, asking for one of her own creations. She politely slid a menu my way, mentioning that she developed just about all the recipes on the menu except for the classics. I looked over the list a few times, but my eyes kept going back to the Deauville – something about Calvados and Blood Orange just sounded right to me. I placed my order for it, and Jaime reassuringly commented that this was actually her favorite. I knew I was in for a treat.

She pulled out bottles of Calvados, B & B, and Solerno Blood Orange Liquer and started mixing things up right in the glass. No jiggers, no measuring vessels, just instinct and experience.

She transferred the mix into a shaker, gave everything a dignified shake and then served the cocktail with a fresh zest of orange peel and a dash of orange bitters. Perfection.

The bitters really add an extra layer of aromatics that greet you as you take the first sip. As you might guess by their namesake, they also add some bitterness to contrast against the sweeter flavors of the liqueurs. This drink is definitely one of my new favorites. Herbal with notes of bright citrus and dangerously drinkable. Here’s how to make one at home.


created by Jaime Niemann for The Ravenous Pig in Orlando

1.5 oz Calvados
1.5 oz B&B French Spiced Liquer & Cognac
1.5 oz Solerno Blood Orange liquor
1.5 oz Sour Mix (Jaime makes hers in house, try this recipe at home)
Dash of Orange Bitters

1. Like I mentioned above, you simply mix the first four ingredients into a cocktail shaker. You’ll likely have to resort to a jigger for measuring things out unless you’re a pro like Jaime.

2. Fill with ice and shake things up until ice cold. Try to make it look as good as Jaime does.

3. Strain into an ice filled glass

4. Carve off a thin slice of orange zest using a channel knife, a paring knife will also do the trick, and float on top.

5. Top the drink with a dash of orange bitters.


If you’re in the Orlando area stop by the Ravenous Pig and get it made by the lady who crafted it. Or enjoy one of her other delicious cocktails such as the Apple Sling, Umatilla Smash, or Spiced Gingerita. You simply can’t go wrong.

Thanks so much Jaime for sharing your cocktail skills with me! I had a blast!


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