What is in the air this week? Did the end of daylight savings time, a cold front in Texas, gloomy skies, and F1 fear all pool together to create a perfect storm that is making everyone so damn insecure? I’m feeling it too. It hit me square in the nose as I finished up a cup of coffee after a shoot. I ALMOST sent out a “whoa is me” instagram photo, but instead I walked head-down toward my car and cranked up some Flo. If girls can chalk up random feelings of low self-esteem and lack of confidence to a mood swing, well then I’m going to chalk mine up to a dude swing. And today, FRIDAY thank God!, is time to break the F* out of it. I’m going to march in the kitchen right now and make up a drink on the spot dammit, and I’m going to call it the precise thing I’m friggin’ going through right now.

This drink isn’t going to cause a dude swing, it’s going to remedy one. It’s going to kick me in the a$$ and say “Get over yourself, chump change.”

I’m going to make this drink with some PBR because I have it in the fridge from this Beer and Cheese pairing post I did (which BTW random commenter #1 I didn’t lose my foodie card over because…

1) I was open-minded enough to try it


2) It does ‘pair’ because the two flavors happen to play off each well. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and peanut butter, or strawberries and nutella. There aren’t any high-class food requirements.

Dang, did CP just call somebody out? I did, I know not me, but I haven’t had the remedy to my dude swing yet. Watch out, I’m likely to go Bon Qui Qui and “cuuuuut yoooooou.”

This drink is going to have a fish sauce and garlic blend in it because I’m the kind of guy who has sh*t like that in his fridge as a leftover dressing from a krispy kale salad.

After some shaking, rattling and rolling this is what I ended up with…

The Dude Swing

adapted from inexplicable emotion (serves 1)

1 can PBR

1 tomato (juiced) – about 1/2 cup

1 lime

3 tsp fish sauce + garlic blend (from step 1 of this recipe)

3 dashes of Worcestshire sauce

1/4 tsp chili powder

ground black pepper

kosher salt (for rim)

1. Get a glass, rinse it, and salt the rim with some kosher salt

2. Open PBR and pour in glass

2. Juice tomato (or use canned tomato juice), juice your lime and add both to glass

3. Add the kickers (fish sauce blend, Worcestershire sauce, chili powder) and stir it all up with a spoon

4. Add some fresh cracked black pepper over top and enjoy!

This drink is very much like a Michelada, except I don’t add Chilimon to the rim because I’m an illegitimate excuse for a Mexican. You’ll notice I added chili powder and quite frankly I didn’t give a damn that it might float around and not dissolve because I’m thinking of it as gunpowder to shoot down my insecurity demons. Oh, and you know what I drank this with? Some 2-year aged Tillamook sharp white cheddar cheese, Grommit.

I’m just about to finish my last sip and already I’m feeling like going back out in the world with fists up in Triumph. But first, I need to shower and get out of these PJ’s.

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