Yes, it’s my cat’s birthday today. Don’t judge me on the fact that a) I know her birthday (and it’s on a birth certificate) b) She has her own drink named after her c) she’s personified in a cat voice as a ‘regal creature’ that ‘quite frankly, doesn’t give a damn’ if you want to rub her or not and d) I’m a dude that’s not ashamed to own a cat – so much so that I just realized I said “MY” cat when in fact getting a cat in the first place was Christy’s idea. One that I drug my feet on to agree to, and then like most things she suggests, realized later it was the best idea in the world and took it upon myself to claim it. My cat!  (If this is all too much proceed to unfollow me here)

So, you may remember  back a few months ago, Tolly Moseley (my famous friend who just appeared in the local newspaper) and I concocted “The Eva” – all part of an afternoon mixology battle of Dueling Martinis. Several mixes were sampled. Liqueurs infused. Flowers thrown down, young man.

Today we take a look back at that drink, and make a special edition variation for the birthday cat herself. She’d have it no other way.

“The Eva” was constructed back in the dead heat of summer, so it had watermelon juice in it. Bright, lovely, and pink – how befitting. Well, there aren’t many watermelon to be found these days but you know what is in season? Pomegranates, this awesome produce calendar I picked up at Feliz Sale told me so…

Now, a dedicated and righteous mixologist would damn well crack open a fresh pomegranate, pluck those seeds (in a bowl of water so they float to the top), slightly toast them on a pan, and then juice them fresh. Well, that’s what I’d do if I had the time. But, today I don’t – I’m still in the clothes I slept in, with a frizzy mini-fro saying “‘sup cuz?

So what did I do, I grabbed some Pom Juice I had in the fridge, and some vermouth – not the fancy herbal infused one, don’t tell Eva I took shortcuts – and the rest of the ingredients and mixed this up. A moment of silence for the birthday girl…

The Eva : Birthday Edition

makes 2

-3 oz Tequila

-1 oz Lime juice (fresh-squeezed)

-4 oz Pomegranate juice


Rinse a champagne flute or tall glass with some of the vermouth.

Add the rest of the ingredients into the bottom of a cocktail shaker, fill with ice, and shake until cold.

Strain into glass and Enjoy!

Now give  a toast to all that’s good in your world…whether it be family, friends, or the end of November – so you can finally shave off that ‘stache. It’s Friday, so don’t be ashamed to be a little bit of an Aristocat – everybody wants to be one.

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