Dudes, it’s November already. Like less than two weeks until Thanksgiving November! I know. I just stressed you out. I’m sorry, but that’s the kind of year 2012 has been. And amidst all the holiday demands – the garland and lights being strung up at your local Target, and the paper snowflakes getting trimmed by Buddy the elf at Gimbel’s – you, my friend (like me) need a little “syrup.” As much as I love cocktails, in times like these you need something simple. Something bold yet sophisticated. Sometimes you just need to unwind with a Scotch on the rocks. It just tastes better this time of year.

I’m not a whisky person, and never have been much of a Scotch person either. That is until I shared a bottle of Oban with some work friends at a house warming party. The person who brought the bottle loves Scotch. It’s a past-time for him. Any silent moments in conversation are breached with a subtle “want some Scotch?” You oblige. You feel a warmth permeate from your throat. You experience a numbing effect that like a warm blanket seems to just say…“Kick back.” “Take it easy.” “Relaaaaaaaaax.”

I think I enjoy Oban so much because it has tasting notes that are smoky and sweet (totally my style), while still being able to finish with an incredible smoothness. We’re talking Michael Jackson throwing-a-coin-into-a-jukebox-from-across-the-room smooth. “You’ve been struck by a Smooth Criminal.”

I got a celebratory bottle of Oban and drank a glass when I got my new television last year. Like a kid with a new toy I stayed up late in amazement – each action-packed demo scene becoming more enjoyable then the next, each sip of Scotch like a soothing head massage. This is life.

Since I enjoyed that night so much it’s become almost a tradition for me to watch a new anticipated film with a glass of Oban and some whiskey stones I keep chilled in the freezer.

It’s one of the few times I sip a drink and take things slow – although still probably not as slow as most. So come take it slow with me now, you need it.

Scotch on the Rocks

Quality Scotch (I enjoy Oban aged 14 years)

1. I simply get a glass (or maybe a special Scotch glass as shown here) and throw in a couple chilled whiskey stones.

2. Add enough Scotch to just cover the stones and enjoy.

The whiskey stones cool the Scotch just a touch, without diluting its qualities. You could probably use them in other cocktails too, but I reserve mine for special Scotch occasions like today. Mmmm…syrup.

What’s your favorite Scotch?

To help you visualize the Scotch experience, I bring you perhaps the best music video of all time. Sometimes I still dream of being able to do this lean.

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