Is it me or did June seem like the shortest month in recent memory? I don’t think I realized the month was over already until this morning. What the heck happened to it?

I only did one tour for Apartment Therapy this past month as I devoted some time to a few development projects – as well as do some major party planning for my first Pig Roast next weekend. I had several great meals, some home-cooked, like our first attempt at making Falafels. Others were enjoyed at some new local restaurants I’ve had my eye on – including Parkside and Elizabeth St. Cafe. I also started doing regular posts for the Kitchn, and am excited about the list full of post ideas and recipes I have to share – one of which I’m going to get going on right after I finish up this post.

I got a pretty good lineup of tours lined up for next month, and I’m also challenging myself with a couple new projects. If all goes well I’m hoping you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of all this labor in the next few months. I may be overextending myself a bit, but heck, you only live once. May as well try to cause some hell.

Along with the monthly collage, I thought I’d also leave you with a few links to my favorite Apartment Therapy and Kitchn Posts from the past month. Enjoy!

On Apartment Therapy:

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On The Kitchn:

Jess Simpson’s No-Gluten No-Dairy No-Problem Kitchen Tour

Dinner with Perfect Strangers

Is Wine on Tap the Next Big Trend?

Expert Grilling Tips from the Austin Food & Wine Festival

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