Ah, another summer month has come and gone. I crammed a lot of shoots into the month, even some unexpected ones, to wrap up one of my most productive months in terms of content creation.

In total, I shot four house tours (two of them I’m still writing up), one maker tour (coming to you tomorrow on The Kitchn), an Artisan review / interview with a local jam-maker (Confituras), and had a big Pig Roast party. The monthly collage has some sneak peeks at those unpublished tours.

With all that work I haven’t been as active on my Twitter account or my Instagram, but as things settle back down (on the tail end of it all now) I’m sure I’ll get back in the mix.

This month I was also kind of psyched to see one of my cocktails featured on The Huffington Post, and to get featured on the weekly subscriber email for The Kitchn for my Smoked Salmon recipe post. It’s a good feeling to know people are seeing and likely what you produce.

Looking forward to another month of fun ahead and thanks so much for coming along for the ride.

Here’s some links to my favorite Apartment Therapy and Kitchn Posts from the past month. Enjoy!

On Apartment Therapy:

Weighing the Pros & Cons of Cutting Cable

What Type of DIY Planner are You?

How to Stream Photos from Your Camera to Your iPad

Tech We Miss – rounded up a lot of the AT Tech contributors to create this one

Facts & Figures: Is 256GB of Hard Drive Space Enough for Me?

How To Use Google Maps to Plan Your Next Vacation


Jamie’s Something Old, Something New

Tolly’s Peaceful Home and Adventurous Backyard

On The Kitchn:

How To Make Smoked Salmon, Two Ways

Confituras Jams in Austin: Enjoying the Essence of Fruits

Summer Drink Recipe: Spicy Roasted Shishito Pepper Margarita

What Does a Gram of Sugar, Salt, or Fat Really Look Like?



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