Today, I’m introducing a new segment called *Wildcard Wednesdays. As the name suggests, on these days you don’t know what you may get…An inspiration board. Sure. Random post about golf. Why not? Maybe even nothing at all. I just might not be feeling it.

Today, I’ll introduce you to the camera I credit for getting me into this whole wide world of blogging. Today, meet Robin.

Yes, my camera has a name and yes her name is Robin – that’s her posing on the dining table in the image above.

Robin is named after Batman’s loyal sidekick. No, not the cheesy one you’ve seen on TV or heaven-forbid Batman Forever.

No. This Robin is from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns (one of my favorite graphic novels, btw). The tough one that happens to be a chick to boot.

Yeah, that’s my Robin. I’ve been toting her around for a year and a half now, but it wasn’t until I switched from Auto to Manual 8 months ago that I truly appreciated her capabilities. I have her LCD screen configured so I can quickly toggle between the tri-force of exposure (shutter speed, aperture, and iso). The screen is great because the image adjusts for exposure instantly, on-the-fly, as you toggle through those critical settings.

Robin is a Sony NEX-5 camera. One of the first and still one of the best mirror-less DSLR-like cameras. She has an APS-C CMOS sensor and interchangeable lenses. Robin even has a fancy camera strap she picked up at Etsy – because every real superhero needs a cape. I’ve solely used Robin for all my work up to this point. If you’ve seen it here, Robin did it.

She’s a fantastic camera that can hold her own against the big boys in the light. The problem is MetropoChris is growing. The citizens are upping the stakes, and sometimes duty may call for Robin to tackle situations at night. Unfortunately, that’s when her weaknesses begin to get exposed – it’s hard to see at night through those shaded green glasses, you know? – and pictures like this happen.

Wide shot. Low-aperture lens. Group portrait subject matter. That combo knocked Robin out cold. But she’s tough. She got up.

She wiped the dirt off her shoulder and she persevered, and we got through it.

I had been contemplating inviting a companion to Robin for shoots. Someone to provide a one-two punch of wide lens + telephoto lens so we could handle business quicker. Once I saw that photo I knew I had to do something. So, I had a couple options…

1. Get a fancy fixed-aperture wide-to-telephoto zoom lens for Robin….basically strap a rocket launcher on her back.

2. Bring in someone else. Someone built for this exact type of situation

I opted for #2, and next week maybe I’ll introduce you to him (it’s a wildcard remember?).

**PS. I totally had a little fun with this post and drew some of my first comic book style art in years for this. Hope you enjoy!

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