Hello there, blog. It’s been a while. Whew….last post on November 30th? A long while. It’s what? December 14th now? Too late to post a month in photos? Nah, it’s my blog yo. I do what I want here. Come check out what’s been happening.

November. It happened too fast – I’m still catching up. The decrease in blog posts surely isn’t due for a lack of exciting things happening in my world. Quite the contrary, too much is going on! Couple that with the holiday panic everyone at my engineering job goes through this time of year and you have one overstretched dude, Dude! But, there’s good news. My heads up, and spirits high because this is my last work day from the engineering gig for the year. Boo-ya-ka-SHA!

What am I going to do with all that free time? Well, I know that I have two days carved out for baking cookies alone. Yes, I’m obsessed. But, wait, this post is supposed to be about last month. What happened then?

Early in the month, I won tickets to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes ACL Live taping. The performance was emotional, energetic, and it made you stand up in your seat and clap your hands. I love them even more now. Especially after he explained “Om Nashi Me.”

A few days after that I had a photo shoot with chef Mat Clauser at Swift’s attic, where he showed me how they make their Cranberry Mostarda.

That following weekend was E.A.S.T.! My favorite art show hands down, and one of the best events that happens ’round here in Austin. I have dreams of one day having a gallery showing of my own artwork during E.A.S.T. I even have detailed pictures in my head of what it would all look like, but that all seems out of reach given that I can’t even keep up with blogging at this point.

The week after that I was super honored that my friend Ash Bailey wanted me to take pictures of her baby boy’s first birthday party. She said she loves how colorful my images tend to be, and given that this party was Superman themed with bright comic-book colors surrounding the event, it seemed to be a great fit.

I also did a photo shoot of Levi Dugat and wife Evette Richard’s home for a home tour. His home is incredibly decorated… I’ll get to blogging about it next week.

You’ll also notice an obscure shot from a Miracle berry party I went to. What is a miracle berry you ask? Why a small, tablet that you let dissolve on your tongue which then changes the flavor of whatever you eat for the next thirty minutes. Mostly it makes things sweeter. Regular mustard becomes honey mustard, cranberries become raspberries, bitter melon becomes….ugh, less bitter melon? It’s an interesting flavor trip that you know is over when your realize that you are indeed drinking Lone Star and not some lambic varietal of Samuel Adams.

What else happened in November? Thanksgiving happened. I spent a few days with the in-laws and it was great. The trees so bright with the colors of fall and calm, relaxing landscapes stretching along the horizon. It was a nice few days filled with pumpkin cheesecake, and sweet potato pie. Mmmm, I sure could use some more now.

It was another adventurous month behind the camera and if you follow my instagrams you know a lot of food was photographed before I ate it…no shame here.

There’s only two more weeks of December and then we’ll be bringing in a new year! There’s lots on my mind, lots of things going on that I’d love to write about, but I’ll hold off until we know for sure that the Mayans were wrong.


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