It’s officially Fall and another month just drifted on by like a tumbleweed in the desert. Well, perhaps “drifted” is too subtle a word for what seemed like another whirlwind of events and experiences. I enjoy doing these ‘month in photos’ posts because they always give me a chance to look back and reflect on what actually did happen in the last month. As I get older, everything just seems to blend together without boundaries.

This last month had quite a few highlights. Tour-wise I had a delightful kitchen tour, an insightful maker tour, and two home tours. Personally, I also had a couple great potluck dinners, an Austin restaurant week shoot, and an anniversary camping trip to Marfa to cap the month off. I’ve had the chance to share a couple of those moments with you and the AT readers so far, and can’t wait to dive into editing pics and writing about the rest.

Looking to next month, I have a few shoots I need to schedule and a couple personal projects I hope to wrap up. After a conversation with another friendly blogger this morning, I’m starting to realize how exciting and transitional of a time this is for my life. I’m still not sure where this all will lead me, but I’m glad I finally have tangible creative material to share, look back on, and say “yeah, that was fun.”

I hope the ideas swirling in my head are able to transpire into what I imagine and that true creative freedom – the chance and opportunity to explore, photograph, and write about whatever I can dream of – is a prize that awaits me in the months ahead.

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