There’s no new tour to post this week, or for the next couple weeks actually, as I take a break in scheduling to do some development work. Namely to build a light box for better still photos (almost done), and also to get acquainted with the new camera (who’s almost ready to meet you). I didn’t want to leave you empty-handed while I tend to my to-do’s however, so I am going to be taking a look back at a few tours I did before I began re-blogging about them in this Tuesday Tourismo format.  Today we look at Richard White of Abode Modern Homes impeccably decorated space.

I came across Richard’s space through the Austin Modern Home Tour listings. The two or three pictures of the home showed some promise with lots of great furniture and accessories throughout. This was only my 4th home tour so I was just beginning to get comfortable, and maybe even a little confident, about home tour shoots.

I arrived at Richard’s space in the AM, the day before the Modern Home Tour would start. Richard’s wife and kids had already left for the weekend  – to avoid the crowds and traffic that would soon be shuffling throughout the home. Richard was sticking around though, excited about the chance to meet new people and talk design with them. Which is exactly what we did throughout the shoot.

As interesting as the space looked in the tour listing photos, it was even more beautiful when I arrived. Quite a bit more furnishings and accessories were acquired since those older photos were taken and the layout of the space had changed as well. You could tell Richard and his wife liked to mix things up, adapt the space to how they lived, and keep it as dynamic as their feelings or moods that week, season, or year.

Richard and his wife have to be the best Craigslist shoppers I’ve ever met, as he explained all the pieces and finds he had picked up through the open classifieds site…

The George Nelson desks in the office? Craigslist (some barn just had it sitting there collecting dust).

The molded Eames rocker chair? Oh, Craigslist.

Knoll dining chairs? Yup, Craigslist again.

There were many others, but what I basically learned is that Richard and his wife are masters at sourcing things. They also possess a special design intuition that arranges it all together into a living, breathing masterpiece.

And the art? Yes, the White’s are good at making discoveries in that arena too – picking up pieces here and there from their travels to Bali, Spain, and Italy among others. Most notable though was the giant painting, hanging above the living room sofa, that the couple fell in love with and acquired despite the hefty price tag.

This home may have been the first time I began to stray from my super sleek and stark modern aesthetic. Richard’s space made me see how arts and accessories, arranged thoughtfully, could really infuse feeling and personality. Almost nothing he had in the space was brand new, and everything had meaning – a story and some emotional connection. I want that. Now I just have to figure out how to use Craigslist as well as him and his wife, and maybe even beat them to a couple steals 🙂

Some more outtakes from the tour are below, and you can check out the full feature on Apartment Therapy.


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