I love the interwebs! It’s a place where people rally together to create internet memes within minutes of a questionable choice of words (“binders full of women“). A place where words like ZOMG! and ERMAHGERD! can be a part of your vocabulary. And a place where sometimes you find touching dissertations masquerading as blog posts. I came across one of those such posts one blog-browsing afternoon – actually this very post from a Ms. Amy Lynch – and just like that I had a feeling another tour was in the cards.








That’s just a snippet of some of the words exchanged from the emails between Amy and I as we got things planned for this eventual Apartment Therapy workspace tour…and needless to say I knew it was going to be a lot of fun.

So one Dogtober afternoon, there I was – with a tripod slung over my shoulder like a quiver of arrows – standing next to a so-called “defunktified” call box waiting for Ms. Amy to ring me up. Like one of my friends had the pleasure of doing recently, I often get the chance to meet the people behind the blog and it’s my new favorite pastime. In between giant mugs-full of throat-coat flavored tea, Amy shared me her story. A story of how one particular book set her on a course toward becoming a writer. How one DIY blog post about covering a wall in chalkboard paint seemed easy enough for her to try. And how one day craftiness and imagination melded together to create the inspiring wall that brought me here today.

Just like Amy couldn’t have predicted that the entire first chapter to “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” would exactly fit on the chalkboard backdrop to her office desk…I couldn’t have predicted that tea and cake – with a salted toffee cookie to-go – and the start of a budding new creative friendship would exactly fit into a tour shoot. If you were a fly on the wall amongst the conversations Amy and I had about her leap into freelance world, and the people and advice that guided her, you’d have caught a glimmer of the genuine freedom Amy possesses. You’d have felt the radiant glow of peace and happiness that doing exactly what you feel you where meant to do only brings. You too, would have truly met Ms. Amy Lynch.

Maybe if you look close in some of these pictures, you’ll meet the person behind the blog too.

The formal Apartment Therapy tour writeup for Amy’s workspace can be seen –> here <– and as always you can scroll through my favorite outtakes below. YAY!

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