Last week I had a fun tour with Cheyenne Weaver and The Girls Guild. When Cheyenne and I were scheduling the shoot, she mentioned that maybe we could sync things up with a dinner party she was having to kickoff the Girls Guild club she’s heading. I was thrilled!

Photography is still pretty new and exciting for me, and I love getting the opportunity to shoot new scenes, situations, and events. So naturally, when the opportunity to shoot a dinner party came up – something I hadn’t yet done but had been wanting to – I pounced.

After the initial excitement, nerves set in along with the butterflies (anybody know why this feeling is called butterflies, btw?) I was feeling good from the positive feedback I received from previous event shoots, though, so I felt ready for this new challenge.

I got to Cheyenne’s place a couple hours before the party to do the traditional home tour shots and absorb all the info I could about Cheyenne. She’s not just an artist, but also a web developer so we related a bit about the arts and tech sides to ourselves. Meanwhile, dinner and ambiance were getting set up. Scott was out back putting slices of peaches on the grates of the billowing smoker he had going, and I started salivating. Grilled fruit is tough to beat. Cheyenne started stringing up lights across the limbs of the trees, brought in a few bottles of wine and a couple cases of beers and suddenly the stage was set for the outdoor dinner party.

The girls (or makers) from the Girls Guild started to trickle in and I chatted with quite a few of them about their crafts. Again, this is why I love Austin. So many creative, passionate, people who are doing things on their terms on their agenda. So inspiring.

After some mingling we all got seated at the long banquet tables. Feasting on the delicious meal of vegetable lasagna, and grilled peach salad with fresh mozzarella that Scott had prepared. Cheyenne readied some fresh-tasting berry and cream pops, and I brought along a tray full of gluten-free, dairy-free Fleur de Sel chocolate chip cookies I whipped up that afternoon [ hint. hint. those may have something to do with my next tour 😉 ]. To end the festivities each of the artists and makers got up and gave a little speech about their craft, their inspirations, and what they hope to make of the Girls Guild. If you didn’t know everyone before the party, you did after, and it was great to see that closeness realized.

I’m really excited about The Girls Guild, and plan to follow along with them closely on future events like an outing to Marfa, and Storytelling with Photography session among others.

Some outtakes from the photo shoot are below and as always, be sure to check out Apartment Therapy for the full feature.

P.S. Special thanks to Callen Thompson, a previous house touree, whose been gracious enough to introduce me to her creative pals like Cheyenne.

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