It’s Tuesday and time to take another look at the recent Tech tour of the Curiosity Shoppe.

I first came across the Curiosity Shoppe at the ever so cool and fun E.A.S.T. (East Austin Studio Tour). There, tucked away in the back corner of a small printing building was the Curiosity Shoppe.

An interesting video montage, and array of muppet heads, an intricately cut paper shade, and some cool desk setups had me, well, curious. So I reached out to them months later and we scheduled a photo shoot tour. Dan explained to me that things had changed since I last saw them – as they were now in a new space. Little did I know just how much more seriously rad the new office digs were. When I showed up, I was basically blown away…

Now in a custom crafted studio are five media ventures in areas of sight, sound, color, and motion that collectively make-up Blk Mkt – a Voltron of media expertise fit for taking on Hollywood. They showed me all the neat gadgets they had around the space – an RC car with a mounted Go-pro cam, large LCD viewfinder mounted on a Canon 5D Mark II, and various props they’ve used for simulating a space craft for a Lone Star Beer commercial.

It was a great tour that turned into more than I expected and once again left me feeling a bit more proud of the great city of Austin.

Enjoy some out-takes from the photo shoot below, and check out Apartment Therapy for the full feature.

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