Sometimes I stumble unexpectedly into a tour shoot. This happened a few weeks ago when I attended an Etsy craft party at MakeATX. I brought along my camera and just expected to take some shots of the laser cutter and a few examples of what it can do. The enthusiasm and creativity in the room energized me, though. I ended up snapping lots of photos of creations etched in a variety of materials (even glass) and came home with enough material for a full-blown tech tour. You can check that out here if you’re interested. I got the feeling that all this rad-ness went beyond the confines of the MakeATX studio. Certainly the people who started this up had an interesting home filled with all this laser-etched craftiness too. Right?

I sent out an email to the owners, and co-owner Katherine said I should definitely check out fellow co-owner Eve’s place. We got in touch, she sent me some sample shots, and sure enough it had Apartment Therapy house tour written all over it.

Participating in a house tour can be a test against your natural senses. You’re letting a total stranger into your place and showing him the personal things you’re most proud of – your home. I could sense a little trepidation upon first meeting Eve & Skylar. They both take great pride in what they’ve been able to make and nurture, and over time the enthusiasm they have for their crafts prevailed over their nerves.

There literally was an emotional and physical memory attached to just about every furniture piece and accessory in their home as they had crafted or procured each one in some interesting way. I imagine that you could round up around a campfire and Eve and Skylar could recount “The Tale of the Craigslist Sofa” or “The Hunt for the Elusive Bonsai,” and each and every story would be intriguing.

I had a great time at Eve & Skylar’s and what started with a wary introduction ended in tequila shots and whole wheat waffles – I can’t make this stuff up. I’m definitely looking forward to attending one of their waffle parties- where Eve is known to have four waffle irons going at one time next to an array of toppings and mixings. I suppose sometimes a waffle, like life, is best served with sprinkles of unexpected sweetness.

Check out the full house tour feature of Eve & Skylar’s place here on Apartment Therapy, and view some of my favorite outtakes below…

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