When I signed on as a contributor to Apartment Therapy I had no idea I’d be having this much fun. Seriously. Last week my adventures had me making some mean cocktails with Tolly Moseley, and the week before had me enjoying this lovely dinner party put on by the house tour-ees (totally not a word, but go with it). The few moments I do have to sit back and think, I often reminisce about the moments and conversations had with all these great new people in Austin (hoping I didn’t say anything dumb or repeat myself too much on a particular topic).  The tie that bonds us all is often food (and drinks), and those very elements were laced throughout Heather & Katherine’s home tour + dinner party. Let’s look back.

This house tour was actually the first one that was assigned to me by an editor. Heather had sent in some pics and a great description of her remodel into AT as part of our House Calls reader submissions. Since this home was in Austin like me, the boss just sent me the contact info and I got a hold of Heather to schedule something in the books. Easy.

Heather mentioned that not only would they be interested in doing a dinner party for the tour, but also had planned for her mother, Billye (the artist behind all the home’s artwork), to come into town from Houston. So fun!

When I arrived the sunlight was bright (my favorite), and the house was immaculate. After having a brief talk about the place with Heather, Katherine, and Billye I went off to do the photos and let them get back to preparing for the meal. I couldn’t help but keep sneaking back into the kitchen to see what was cooking, and to take a few bites of the Antonelli’s cheese spread and cured meats they laid out. That was my first hint that this meal was going to be fabulous.

When I wrapped up the interior photos and the dishes began to get plated, I realized ‘fabulous’ was an understatement. Katherine really put together something gourmet, carefully places pieces of fig and drops of olive oil to create this beautiful almond gazpacho…

                                                                    A work of culinary art

What followed was a delicate Spanish frittata, and a divine gelato with figs and bee pollen – we’re still hoping Katherine shares the recipe for a post on The Kitchn. This was actually the first time I tried bee pollen and in the gelati it added a complementary savory crunch.

Conversations ranged from Apartment Therapy comments (Shalini, one of the guests, was curious about my thoughts on the reaction to the Roeder’s tour – here’s link to AT article and my tourismo), to clean energy movements (Heather and Shalini both worked in renewable energy) to how to find a good place to eat (I hate having to defer to Yelp because of the convoluted presentation of opinions). Nothing quite opens up your mind like a conversation with people you just met. That meal and conversation would have been enough, but the entire time these dishes were paired with stellar quality wines and sherries…which eventually got swapped out for bourbons, which then got replaced by single-village mezcals, which then got exchanged for exotic tequilas (one made from agave harvested only during the full moon cycle). No doubt, we were all having a good time and toasting to life.

Check out some more outtakes from the tour below and as always you can find the full feature here on Apartment Therapy. Cheers to Heather and Katherine for their great accomplishments and magnificent remodel!


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