I’m in the business of shooting house tours for Apartment Therapy, and business has been good lately. Yeah, I know that’s kind of cheesy and lame but I just wanted to say a line similar to that famous one from Inglourious Bastards – okay, back to our subject. Jamie’s tour, and today’s Tourismo feature, is the first of a series I have in line to showcase both on AT and here on MetropoChris and I’m excited to eventually share them all with you.

A lot of people ask me how I go about finding home tours, and I mention that I use local home and lifestyle magazines, twitter, instagram and of course the connections made with previous house tours as major resources. I found Jamie’s space by chance while browsing the internet one day, kind of dumb luck – sometimes that happens too. Once I saw her DIY bedroom headboard and some other interior photos she posted on her blog, I knew I had to reach out to her for a possible tour feature.

Luckily she accepted and the interwebs received some of her great ideas and decor solutions – not too mention more cute dog photos – there’s never enough of those.

It was a real treat hanging out with Jamie, and her friend Courtney who made me laugh quite a bit with their Easter eggs (FAGA BEEFE, I had no idea until this tour) and conversation topics when I was taking some candid portraits.

Pop quiz what are they talking about in this portrait of them looking through a Taliesin West book…

a) Their favorite chair by Frank Lloyd Wright

b) A great restaurant they went to while in Arizona

c) Plans for lunch after the photoshoot

d) Imagining a hot dog restaurant with a hot dog colored hallway complete with yellow and red walls

Yeah, it was d). 

We laughed and talked about a few other things while listening to some Beach House – which bee-tee-dubs I totally love now, and am so glad they showed me what’s up. Oh, and they told me about Cards against Humanity…it looks like a dirty rotten Apples to Apples (totally have to get it for the next game night).

My favorite parts of the tour were Jamie’s artwork throughout and her DIY white-washed wood headboard that got my attention in the first place. Seeing things like this always gets my wheels turning on how to get that look in my own home – I’m looking at you corner bar.

Be sure to check out the full feature and tour gallery here on Apartment Therapy. But, of course, not before you scroll through some of my favorite outtakes below…

I’m going to post some of these to my Flickr page too, because seeing the images compressed and small to be web-loading-speed friendly really kills me.

Oh and in case you were curious I got a new pistol grip for my tripod and was giving that a whirl for the first time in this shoot. I really liked it and it helped me quickly move from horizontal to vertical shots. It’s even strong enough to hold my camera with zoom lens and flash on the vertical – $!



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