A few months ago, I found myself seated at a wine tasting seminar in the back of the new south Austin Whole Foods. I just got through with the Easy Tiger maker tour, and was on the lookout for another great local place to showcase. Possessing a major sweet tooth both ice creameries and cupcakeries came to mind, but those had already been done quite a bit on TheKitchn. I wanted something different. I then heard one of the guests at the seminar speak of a picturesque brewery tour he went on – a farmhouse facility set in the Austin hill country that even uses wild yeast. Just like that, I knew I found my next maker tour.

The more I researched about Jester King when I got home, the more excited I got about working with them on a maker tour feature. The person I overheard at Whole Foods completely left out the live music and food trucks that setup shop during their weekly brewery tours. He must have just gotten caught up enjoying the beer, and given the greatness of a cold Jester King brew I can understand.

During my tour of the place Ron Extract guided me around, telling everything me and an iPhone recorder could take in about the beer making process. The company itself has just been around for three years but already they were doing something exceptional and making waves in the local craft beer arena.

As the tour went on I had a chance to talk with Michael Steffing, who with his brother Jeff Stuffings started up Jester King with nothing but a dream and a desire to do more with their lives. The most memorable moment was when Michael told me how they could look out past the stainless fermentation tanks, and past the frame of the unwalled farmhouse to see the sunset as they were experimenting with their first brews. Here was another great group of folks that collaborated together to create something grand, another example of how you can impact a community if you follow your dreams. Here was another great American story happening right here in Austin.

My favorite outtakes from the tour are below, but also be sure to read the full Maker Tour piece I put together on TheKitchn.

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