It’s crazy how much things can change in a year. I remember about a year ago browsing through Design Milk and coming across the Kimber Modern hotel here in Austin. The concept was to add a modern touch to the quaint bed and breakfast. I remember being impressed by the design and the execution, showcasing nearly impeccable taste in the choices for furnishings and artwork. The spaces looked so clean and comfortable they warranted a stay-cation on their own.

Fast-forward to the present, and now I’m at the owner of the Kimber Modern’s house – photographing a house tour feature for Apartment Therapy. Crazy!

As you can imagine I was pretty excited when Kimber agreed to let us in her home. Surely the same aesthetic and style that guided the Kimber Modern would be at play in her own abode as well?


The house was actually quite a lot more impressive than I expected. Mainly because Kimber’s been hard at work remodeling the place since the pictures I came across on the interwebs were taken. The place was gorgeous, and I had to pick my jaw off the floor to make quick work of it – shooting photos of all 3000 sq. ft in my scheduled time slot. When I arrived the light was just about perfect and we started the shoot at the pool – in an attempt to capture some rays glimmering off the water.

I then proceeded inside and while simultaneously shooting and envying the Herman Miller Airia Desk, I quickly pulled my camera off its tripod and headed to the living room when I heard Kenna playing the piano.

Pianos are beautiful without even playing a sound.

After realizing Kenna’s hobby and talent, I asked Abbey what she enjoyed. She responded with “photography.” Not a bad choice. I took a mental note of that and then pondered some ways to showcase her interest in that subject.

Kimber is actually in the process of selling this home, to downsize into something smaller and I’m sure to take on another challenge or two. She must have been readying one final project as I witnessed some of her general contractor skills with a few sub-contractors while I was finishing up the interior photos. With her eye for detail, I bet she whips those guys into shape. All the little things in Kimber’s home are either in the Kimber Modern hotel (Malin + Goetz products, Paintings from particular artists, Eames + Knoll pieces), or where put in because of lessons learned from the hotel (larger tile with thin grout for less maintenance in the showers). It all comes together into an elegant place that is equal parts dream retreat and comfortable home, and I was thrilled to have the chance to see it in person.

Check below for my favorite outtakes from the shoot, and go here to see the full Apartment Therapy feature.



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