It’s Tuesday and another tour is in the cards for you. Today’s tourismo, as I like to call them, was one of those fortunate leads that just fell in my lap – really almost literally as it arrived in my email inbox on my laptop. The email from one of my AT editor’s included a few images and a fun description of the place from Lauren. Through those few sentences, you could really just sense Lauren’s bright and energetic personality and I knew this shoot would be some fun.

Lauren was super excited about the tour in our email exchanges, and we even had a quick phone convo to talk about the shoot. She told me some more about herself, her favorite features of the home, as well as some of her favorite spots in Austin. Most prominent seemed to be her interests in fashion, her shoe and accessory display cabinet, and her love of the South Congress area in Austin. I had a few images come to mind right away.

Since Lauren said she liked fashion, I thought this would be a good opportunity to incorporate a few fashion-styled portraits into the shoot. One particular idea I had came out even better than I imagined thanks to some beautiful sunlight beaming through the windows.

Lauren’s fiancé Nick is finishing his last year of studies in Electrical Engineering, and is actually a former Marine as well – a real universal soldier! We talked a bit about the engineering biz, but I think I forgot to mention to him how good of a career he’s chosen. It’s respectable, relevant, and often without the required overtime of other revered positions such as Law or Medicine. I’m actually typing this while on a plane to O-town where I’ll tell a similar message to some just-about-to-graduate engineering students.

When I started editing photos and writing up this piece. the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song “Home” was in my head. As I flipped through the image of the string Texas-shaped art, Lauren worked on with Nick, the title for the tour just clicked. I hope the lead image I chose with Lauren rocking her boots, with cute-as-can-ever-be pup Izzy on the side, resonates the spirit of their whole space. Warm. Chic. Texas, ya’ll!

B.T.Dubs, that pup was surely ready for his AT debut. For that lead shot Nick literally just plopped him down into position and the little guy stayed there. Then as I clicked the shutter he tilted his head Olan Mills style, stuck out his tongue and smiled. Love!

Be sure to check out the full tour of Lauren and Nick’s space. She’s really done a fantastic job turning a would-be-Dragon’s-Lair into a place that provides a little apartment therapy – even the commenters approve! Here’s some of my favorite outtakes below with, brace yourselves, more pictures of people.

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