Some people are natural born artists. You can tell they’re artists just by looking at them, the way they carry themselves, the way they look at things. Such is the case for Levi Dugat. I met him through an artist, at an artist gallery event (both Callen Thompson), at his stylish salon (Paloma Beauty). Given all those things, I was kind of already clued into the fact that this guy was an artist before I even spoke with him. But I think I would have guessed it even without all those context clues.

It was great to meet and talk with Levi, and though you think I’d be used to it, I still am always refreshed and excited when I meet another creative who is friendly, approachable, and genuinely interested in getting to know you. Levi fittingly poured me a Paloma, gave me a tour of the the salon, and showed me some of the hand built things he was working on.

I left not only impressed, but proud. Proud that yes again, we have a shining example of what is great and good here in Austin. A local artist, who started his own business with his wife (who is the head esthetician) and that creates out of habit, out of passion. The enthusiasm was contagious.

We had a house tour shoot planned, but Levi – always the evolving artist – wanted things just right before formally scheduling. In fact, things weren’t truly ready and hands-off for him until the home was sold and under contract – as they readied a move to a more family appropriate space. So with a few weeks left before Evette and Levi moved on to another home, and another project, we set things up to shoot his latest masterpiece. I was eager to see what his home had in store.

You remember that scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy opens the door and suddenly everything is full of color? Walking into Levi and Evette’s home is a lot like that. The world you were living in before you opened the front door seems so black and white in comparison.


Levi is quite modest about all the work he’s done. You have to ask him if he made the bed, or the shelves, or…”hey, did you color block paint those legs on the chairs?” I think this is because everything he’s done in and around the home, all the customizations, painting, acquiring of art is so regular and ordinary to him. It’s just what he does. It’s nothing special to call attention to.



You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Levi isn’t just an artist in the design sense, but also in the graphical. The striking painting you see when you walk in, is something he drew with his sister – both self portraits of each other. He’s currently working on a Golden Girls homage…something he grew up watching as a child. It already looks amazing.

There’s quite a lot to look at and see in Levi’s home. I tried to do some justice in words and in pictures in this Apartment Therapy article – and of course through this post and the outtakes below.









So glad to know you Levi and Evette, and hope you’re enjoying the new home you’re settling into. I’m sure you already are ripe with ideas on what you’re going to do next.




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