This is my first tour in a few weeks, and I’m so excited to finally share it with you all. As a writer and reader of The Kitchn, I noticed a few recipe links leading to food blog Love & Lemons. I remember “oooohing” and “aaaahing” after seeing their beautiful photos complemented with graceful typography. I clicked the “About Us” page and learned that the blog was pulled together by married couple Jeanine & Jack – a side project born from their shared joy of food. After seeing that this duo was based right here in Austin I knew I just had to arrange a tour.

We met formally a couple weeks ago, and just like my first experience on their website, I instantly fell in love with their home when I pulled into the driveway. Their residence was modern, elegant, and totally my style – large floor-to-ceiling windows and open living space filled with great furniture and accessories. It’s definitely worthy of a full house tour somewhere down the line.

They gave me a personal tour of the place, with Jack and I quickly realizing some common interests with our engineering backgrounds – we even threw out some games processor code names in a few of our conversations. It was interesting to see that our science backgrounds also lead us to approach photography in similar manners – exacting and methodical about ISO’s and apertures. Jeanine also reminded me a lot of a good friend of mine; petite, well-mannered, and filled with an inner enthusiasm she may be a touch shy to reveal all at once.

Before a photo shoot, I always think about poses and shots for the people I’m shooting. In my mind I try to create a visual narrative of their story with just a few images – my childhood experiences with drawing comic books probably helps out here. Since I knew a bit about Jeanine & Jack from their blog, I had a few ideas in my head. When I’m able to successfully turn those visions into a photo…well, that’s what excites me about photography

Since Jeanine & Jack have a prominent food blog, we planned on turning this kitchen tour into a recipe post as well. So Jeanine prepped up a delicious miso & maple glazed sweet potato taco recipe. She really has a knack for arrangement and color, and it was a lot of fun to get to shoot some food photos with her effortless styling – and not to mention all that glorious light.

Surprisingly enough though, Jeanine & Jack mentioned to me that they actually do most of their photos in the evening – aided only by a single studio light. She doesn’t craft a blog-specific recipe, but instead just blogs about what they’re having for dinner. They both laughed that sometimes this approach can lead to a hangry episode or two – as they try to finish photos on empty stomachs. The joy of the meal afterwards and the experience of sharing these recipes with others makes all their efforts worthwhile, though. Jeanine & Jack have created a blog that truly inspires with each post. Proving as Jeanine so eloquently put in her Kitchen Tour Questionnaire…that “things are always best with a bright squeeze of lemon.”

Be sure to check out the full kitchen tour on The Kitchn today, the Miso & Maple Glazed Sweet Potato taco recipe, and as always, some of my favorite outtakes below…

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