Tour season is about to get into full swing for me with a small queue of house tours lined up. To kick things into gear, we’ll take a look back at my last tour – T3’s Austin Headquarters.

Located along one of the main streets that leads to the UT Campus, but more importantly Tiff’s Treats central location, is the T3 headquarters. I’ve no doubt passed by it several times, but I never really knew what it was like inside. Like most corporate offices, including the one I work in when I need to go to the office, I assumed it was probably plain old vanilla beneath – not that there’s anything wrong with that. I then came across a few pictures of the interior online, and realized that I was way off. This place had character, style, and plenty of touches that just said ’home.’ So I sent a few emails and we set up a tour shoot.

I’m never really sure what to expect when I show up for a shoot. I often go in expecting to frame the piece a certain way, and end up going in a totally different direction when I’m there. That was the case for this tour, as I went in planning to focus the pictures on tech and computers inside the space. Then I met Gay Gaddis – yeah, the CEO of T3 took time out of her busy day to show me around for this! Together with her daughter Rebecca Gaddis and lead architects Elizabeth Danze and John Blood we all toured this colossal 35,000 square foot space. It wasn’t long before I realized how unique it was – with Gay bringing in accessories and decor for her own home to make the office space feel, well like a home too. This wasn’t a piece about tech anymore, it was a piece about a CEO taking a different approach to answering a common problem – by treating the design of a corporate headquarters no different than that of a residence.

There was a lot of area to cover, literally, so I had to pick my spots for photos. The most dramatic space was no doubt the meeting spot they call “The Jewel Box” so I started there before navigating around the rest of the space. There was a lot of detail and info to digest, and I tried my best to fit it all into the 3-4 paragraph space our tours usually occupy. Check out the full feature on Apartment Therapy and enjoy a few outtakes below.

Until next time

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