Batman. The Dark Knight. I grew up wanting to be him when I was a kid, maybe all of us boys / men wanted to at some moment in our lives. He’s dark…mysterious…strong. People fear him…respect him…and his only superpower is sheer determination and will. There’s probably a trait or two we all want personified through Batman, and that is why I believe he has such a lasting appeal – especially to comic book nerds like myself. But I’m not Batman. No, this is Batman…

Batman, is my new Canon 5D Mark III camera. Yeah, I really went for it with this one.

As I mentioned in my Meet Robin post, I needed equipment to tackle tough situations – events at night, and group portraits. I needed more versatility, and along the lines of all that I wanted something more professional. The last few months have been great and have taught me many things. Most importantly, is the fact that I really love photography.

I enjoy it in the moment, when I’m meeting new people and trying to capture their personality, their brightness, and their smile. I enjoy it isolated in my office with just headphones and music, looking through the shots on the computer and editing them to make things just right. It makes me smile, it brings me genuine joy. And because of those things I want to see how far I can go with it.

I splurged a bit, I got enamored with specs, and I got something I won’t outgrow as quickly as I have my NEX-5. I went with a true DSLR with a Full-Frame sensor, which catches more light and gives me the option to make large prints (22.3 Megapixel images). I went with something that has great ISO capabilities and noise handling – up to 25,600 ISO (Robin reached out to 12800, but lost her ‘oomph’ at about 3200). I went with something that offered professional grade response and reliable auto-focus, something that could mix up Robin in low-contrast scenes (and something the Mark II was notoriously bad with as well). All dials and controls are within my fingertips, and something about holding it just feels right. The Mark III, er Batman, is a beast.

The thing I didn’t suspect though, is that Batman is intimidating. You can’t just bring him out in the streets with you unless you mean real business. You’re no longer just the boy wonder, who can come and go with little to no expectations. Now you’re the guy showing up to pickup basketball with a Jordan jersey, so you better not blow that layup. Now you’re toting the Dark Knight, and there’s a certain weight of responsibility that it comes with. I look professional, now I have to perform like one too.

So here I am. Learning the ropes again, and testing the limit to my capabilities. By now you may be coming to realize that MetropoChris isn’t just a play on the standard definition of the word “Metropolis,” but on the Metropolis of the DC Comics universe, where Batman, Robin, and Superman reign. I’m just the reporter, and hopefully after some more training, I can bring you images a step above what I have brought before…and from journeys I can’t foresee. Here’s hoping Batman and Robin are up to the challenge.

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