Hello World.

Remember me?

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

The past few weeks have stretched me to do things I never anticipated.

Each day brings new challenges and demands that require immediate attention. It consumes me.

I rarely get a chance these days to sit down, to think at length, to get lost in the arts.

That’s exactly what I have the opportunity to do today, though.

It’s beautiful.

I’m here this Sunday editing through a series of photo shoots that have accumulated over the past few weeks. I’m getting a thrill combing through all of the pictures.

I forgot how meditative the whole process is – with Spotify playing in the background, a mouse on one side, a cup of coffee on the other, and my face immersed in a screen full of images.

It’s just me and my thoughts (and a cat sitting on the corner of the desk), for hours.

This all of course, moved me to make a post today.

The interesting thing is, well, I haven’t written something personal in a while. I feel like I have to learn it all over again.

Words don’t flow from thought to keyboard as quickly as they used to.

It’s like I’m learning how to program “Hello world” again back in high school.

So here I am. Hello.

I’ve had some great moments and experiences in the past few weeks, yet I never really had a chance to appreciate them until now.

Someone asked me last week what I did over the weekend and I couldn’t remember. I literally had to pull out my phone and check my calendar to remind myself.

That’s a sign of taking on too much.

I had done the equivalent of cramming for five final exams and forgot all about the content.

Thank goodness, I have photos.

Looking through them to me is like connecting old memories. Memories that float around in my head but aren’t easily fetched.

Photography lets me relive those moments again…in a time when I can appreciate them…at a time when I’m especially receptive…to assure me that yes, indeed, I am now doing what I love.

The best thing about my new ‘work’ is the people I meet.

I get to witness them in their moment…their own meditation.

After a while they forget I’m there, and it’s just them doing what they love.

You see it in their faces…it perpetually inspires.

I feel like I’ve indeed discovered my passion…my meaning…what a dear friend of mine called my “Divine Order.”

I hope you all find yours too.

In this day and age, there’s nothing holding you back from finding that but yourself…and  your expectations.

In the future, we all do what we love…and we call it work.

Find your future.

Take the time to appreciate it.

We only live one life, make sure it’s beautiful.


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